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Umber Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Oakland, CA. We express the nuance and creativity of Black and Brown voices through sharing our authentic stories from all over the world. What makes these stories uniquely UMBER is their aesthetic.

With the launch of two new publications, UMBER Publishing now encompasses:

The annual UMBER themed graphic journal communicates the worldviews of Black people, Indigenous people, Latin Americans and marginalized people of color from around the world.
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Our Black & Brown Perspective (BBP) Digest is a cousin to our flagship graphic journal. Not curated by a theme, the BBP Digest is free-form publication and a  visual tactile mixtape.

is a new print magazine for forward-thinking Black men. It seeks to highlight Black men’s nuance and explore the various aspects of their perspective and lifestyle.

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After starting off as a section in the original UMBER graphic journal, Slumber is now its own uninhibited print publication. Slumber is all about exploring the human body, sensuality, eroticism and desire.
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UMBER leverages the power of print to build community among its readers and around the culture of creatives it cultivates. Our publications stimulate the curious, strengthen the imaginative and nurture the passionate. UMBER paints people of color with the full palette of their experiences, allowing their brilliance to expand and redefine what it means to be Black and Brown.


Successfully launched via Kickstarter in 2017 by our founder Mike Nicholls, who also serves as the creative director and editor-in-chief UMBER began as a single publication; known as the creative thinker’s graphic journal. You can find our publications in some of the best book stores, hotels, and specialty shops in the world. You can also purchase it online.



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